lundi 14 septembre 2009


Peut-être que vous connaissiez le mot “kicks” comme verbe, montré au dessous.

Aussi on utilise le mot « kicks » pour vouloir dire « les chaussures ». Par exemple, dans la chanson « Party in the USA » par Miley Cyrus, elle dit « who’s the chick with rockin’ kicks », qui veut dire « c’est qui cette fille qui porte bien ses chaussures ».

Alors, je sais que le leçon d’aujourd’hui était très petit mais j’espère que ça puisse vous aider quand même.

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mélanou* a dit…

Hi, I'm french and I just want to say you thank you because your blog helps me a lot :)
I think your videos on youtube are really cool, you seems to be very nice.
I hope you'll not stop this blog, I would be very sad.
Thank you again,
(sorry for my very bad english)

LillyKp a dit…

hi, how r u? first thank u to explain what does "score" mean. i have another question: what means "smooth"? I watched a movie some days ago in english (From Justin To Kelly) and i heard "smooth" when Kelly answered to Justin about something (don't remembered exactly).
thank u in advance. Love your what u do.

Mmaxence a dit…

I already left many comments on Ur blog, but I wanted to thank you!! de la part d'un français qui aime aussi les langues !!!
I do love your american accent !! ^^

hisoka75 a dit…

Hey !
Thanks a lot for your blog. It really helps me and i do enjoy learn new English expressions !
Please, keep teaching us =)
Have a nice week

Franck a dit…

Hey, speaking of Miley Cirus,
i'd be more interested to know why she says : All I see ARE stilettos.
I would say All I see IS...Because of "ALL". Do you think both are acceptable ? What would YOU say?